Based on my long experience in conceiving and creating a photography collection and collecting for a leading international institution as the Israel Museum I am happy to offer my professional skills and knowledge as a consultant to private, institutional and corporate collectors.

In my former position as Senior Curator of Photography at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem I assembled an international encyclopedic collection of over 120,000 photographs and related objects spanning the entire history of the medium.

Between 2010  and 2013 I served as consultant to the Shpilman Institute for Photography (SIP) in Tel Aviv towards the creation of its permanent collection which focuses primarily on the modernist tradition in photography, new vision and surrealism between the early part of the 20th Century and until the early 1950s.

Currently I am consultant to the Moi Ver Estate and archive as its sole representative.

While dealing with photographs and collections my goal is often to concentrate on new and unusual photographs away from the mainstream and shed a new and original light on images that would re-contextualize them.

Harold Rosenberg’s quote has always been for me a guiding rule in search of originality and avoidance of dullness..