As a photography historian I have conducted research and published on a number of topics beginning with 19th century photography, 20th Century Modernism, contemporary international and Israeli photography.

Currently I am researching the history of war photography towards a book and exhibition to be titled Landscape at War: The Presence and Indifference of Nature. This investigation focuses on the permanent presence of the landscape in photographs of battle sites and its relation to war scenes throughout the history of the medium from 19th Century to the present.

Concurrently I have just finished my ongoing research on the history of 19th Century photography in the Near East. Based on my earlier publication Focus East: Early Photography in the Near East (Abrams, 1988) the new edition is double in scope. It will cover the first six decades of photography and list over 500 photographers.

Future plans include among others a catalogue raisonné of the work of Auguste Salzmann, and a book on the photographs and life work of Moi Ver.